Design Wellness

Design Wellness is a premium institute,based in Bangkok, Thailand, that utilizes the fusion of art and science to slow down the aging process, inhibit cell degeneration, and employ modern medical technologies in rehabilitation to rejuvenate and balance the body. Their aim is to establish themselves as a luxury yet approachable brand.

Health & Wellness
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Building brand from scratch, surpassing their expectations. We decided to use a rose gold color palette for a touch of luxury and a friendly design font, we successfully captured the essence of both opulence and approachability.

Launchpad Website

As their website designer and developer, we successfully crafted a brand experience that fosters customer retention and satisfaction.

Content Led Growth

Our focus is on creating captivating and visually appealing contents on social media and also on website that capture the essence of Design Wellness, helping to elevate their brand presence and engage their target audience.


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