NBA Sport Management

NBA Sport Management is a leading fitness equipment brand that specializes in manufacturing and delivering a wide range of all-in-one fitness equipment. NBA offer OEM services and provide finished equipment options to cater to diverse customer needs. NBA's operations span across Thailand, ensuring nationwide delivery of the high-quality fitness equipment.


We successfully transformed the NBA brand from being primarily offline to becoming a prominent online presence. Through strategic efforts, we effectively penetrated both the upper and lower market segments, expanding the reach and impact of the NBA brand in the digital realm. We achieved exceptional sales growth, surpassing 120 million Baht per year from 80 million Baht, and reaching new highs for three consecutive months.

Launchpad Website

In today's digital age, having a brand website is crucial for establishing an online presence. We create websites for NBA and its sub-brands like Maxnum Fitness, Gorilla Teck, Impulse Thailand, and Anyfit Thailand. Our focus is on developing these websites into efficient e-commerce platforms, enabling NBA to showcase its entire product range and streamline the customer journey.

Content Led Growth

We have significantly enhanced NBA's online visibility, resulting in increased organic traffic to the brand's website. This improved visibility allows potential customers to easily find NBA when searching for relevant fitness products or services. Additionally, we create compelling content on various online platforms to establish NBA as a trusted fitness expert, further strengthening the brand's image and reputation in the industry.

Perfomance Marketing

We expanded our product range through effective marketing strategies on popular platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. By optimizing our advertisements, we achieved cost savings of up to 4 times, making our advertising campaigns more cost-effective and efficient.


We successfully rebranded NBA, fitness equipment brands, with an annual sales revenue of 80 million baht, ensuring the company's sustained success in a competitive market. Expanding into new product lines, we penetrated both upper and lower market segments. Through innovative designs and targeted online ads, we achieved exceptional sales growth, surpassing 120 million baht per year and reaching new highs for three consecutive months. Our expertise propelled the company's revenues to new heights.

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