WIRTUAL launched 2.0 version in 2022 to promote an active lifestyle through various exercise challenges. With over 200,000 users from 179 countries, it has become a leading platform for fostering an active and healthy community. Additionally, WIRTUAL offers a unique feature for office workers to improve their health and relationships. HR departments can create team-building events online, resulting in improved teamwork and employee health. Currently, WIRTUAL serves 30+ corporate clients with over 30,000 active participants.


WIRTUAL is a revolutionary exercise app with a unique concept and cutting-edge technology, represented by a purple-pink corporate identity. It aims to motivate individuals to exercise more and promote a healthier lifestyle. WIRTUAL is positioned as a friendly and welcoming brand, fostering a positive impact on people's well-being and vitality.

Launchpad Website

To support new features and campaigns, we develops dedicated landing pages that serve as both informational and sales platforms. These pages provide valuable insights about the product and capture potential leads. Users can easily contact WIRTUAL through these landing pages. Additionally, to cater to our global user base, including those in Thailand, we have created a bilingual (Thai-English) landing page.

Content Led Growth

We create a variety of content on WIRTUAL, including Facebook posts, website articles, videos, and TikTok shorts. Our content is designed to be both fun and informative, aiming to raise awareness about WIRTUAL among a wide audience.

Community Marketing

Besides the groundbreaking key message of "Exercise and get rewards," WIRTUAL owes its widespread recognition to the success of community-led marketing. We have established a community on various platforms. We aim to cover as many platforms as possible, including Line, Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter, ensuring that we reach our audience effectively.


The outcome has been remarkable, with an increase in WIRTUAL's Facebook followers by over 80%. Additionally, the community membership has increased to over 30,000 members. These achievements highlight the success of our efforts in expanding WIRTUAL's reach and engaging with community-led marketing.

WIRTUAL stands as one of our most successful cases, as we have helped them launch project with market cap $37 Million at token launch date, achieve their goals in terms of raising 200,000+ users worldwide (179+ Countries), and acquiring clients for their team building service.

However, our work doesn't stop there. We are continuously~ striving to unlock its maximum potential and create a healthier society with WIRTUAL.

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